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Buying French decorative objects

Apollo Art & Antiques is specialist in fine French decorative arts from the 18th to the 19th century. Discover our decorative objects.

We present a selection of  high quality antique French decorative arts  items for you to buy. We are at your disposal to give more information about our products. So please contact us using the contact form on our page.

Decorating in the French style

French decorative objects are the finishing touch in designing any interior in authentic French style. Because, after furniture, paintings, gobelins, bronze sculptures and Empire clocks these French decoration items make a perfect complement to the design. Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751–1843) and Claude Galle (1758–1815) were among the top bronziers who designed amazing decorative objects. There are a lot of options to choose from. Because the range of items is vast and it includes Empire cassolettes (incense burners), Empire vases, coupes, dishes, bowls and a lot of other items to add the typical French decoration style to your home.