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French Empire candelabra and Empire candlesticks

Buying Empire candelabra and Empire candlesticks

Apollo Art & Antiques is specialist in fine French candelabra and candlesticks from the 18th to the 19th century. Discover our range of candelabra and candlesticks.

We present an exquisite selection of the finest 19th century French Empire candelabra and Empire candlesticks for you to buy. Among them the famous and very rare candelabra model with the winged Victories. Also you will find some of the very much sought after French candlesticks with the “Return from Egypt” theme.

Empire candelabra: works of art

French Empire candelabra and French Empire candlesticks are refined works of art. Especially if they are designed by top bronziers like Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751–1843) or Claude Galle (1758–1815) . They are the finishing touch in decorating a luxury home in French antique style. There is always a place for them. You can use them on top of the fireplace or beside a Empire mantel clock or bronze sculpture. Also a pair of Empire candelabra looks stunning on a console or as decoration on a festive table.

What are candelabra?

Candelabra are a pair of candlesticks with multiple arms. The word “candelabrum” is a Latin term which means “candle tree”. This is because of the many branches or arms of the candelabrum sprouting from a single column, similar to a tree and it’s branches.

French candelabra developed from the candlestick for those places where more than one candle is required to provide enough light. But because of their impressive size and often elaborate design, they soon became very decorative and desirable items of decorative arts. They could impress the guests to a dinner party and show one’s good taste and wealth. Especially during the 19th century they became very popular.

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