Jean-Baptiste Héricourt

Jean-Baptiste Héricourt (1756-1849), a contemporary of Pierre-Philippe Thomire, son of a Charenton miller, excelled in the art of bronze. Installed as a “sculptor engraver in bronze” in 1791, he contributed to the ornamentation of the most prestigious residences throughout Europe. It was from the Directory that he imposed himself as a brilliant producer of furniture bronzes. Active until 1829, he lived at the corner of rue Neuve Orleans and the Faubourg Saint-Martin.

The reputation of Héricourt  speaks for itself, he executed objects of the highest importance and some of his models have become classics. It is therefore with good reason that the authorities of the department of the Seine had selected Jean-Baptiste Héricourt alongside Thomire & Cie, Duport Père et Fils, Claude Galle and André-Antoine Ravrio to represent the art of gilded bronze at the 4th Exhibition of the Products of French Industry in 1806, where he obtained an honorable mention. He was at the time at the head of a prosperous workshop.

It is through colleagues including Denière & Matelin, Claude Galle, Lucien-François Feuchere, Pierre-Victor Ledure, Antoine-André Ravrio and further clock makers, upholsterers and merchants, that his production was distributed and that it contributed to the ornamentation of palaces and large residences both in France and in Europe. As an example we can mention the former Parisian hotel of Princess Pauline, sister of Napoleon I.

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