Unique Empire Period Chariot Clock “Jupiter”

Empire Period Chariot Clock “Jupiter”

Rare Empire chariot clock with Amor driving a chariot drawn by an eagle with outstretched wings, personification of Jupiter. The patinated bronze chariot is flying on clouds. It has a gilt bronze sphinx on the back. In the clouds we see flashes of lightning; they are symbols of the Roman god Jupiter. The eagle is Jupiter’s favourite animal and sometimes, like we believe in this case, the eagle itself is the personification of Jupiter. The gilt bronze sculptures of Amor and  the eagle have been sculpted nicely and lifelike.

This Empire mantel clock “Jupiter” has a skeleton movement where you can see the mechanism. The movement with it’s white enamel dial forms the wheel of the chariot. It carries the signature of Caillonez in Paris.

The sculptures rest on a sea green marble plinth with a gilt bronze frieze decorated with an antique scene of women beside a pot with flowers.  On both sides of the marble plinth we find gilt bronze ornamentation of sphinxes with their tails intertwined.

Details of this Empire mantel clock

This Empire chariot clock has been professionally cleaned and is in a very good condition with beautiful gilding. The movement with silk wire suspension has been checked and is in working condition. It strikes the hours and half hours on a bell and it comes complete with pendulum, bell and key.

Dimensions: 41 cm wide, 44 cm high and 13 cm deep.
Weight: 15.4 kg

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