Large French bronze sculpture “Distraite” signed Auguste Moreau

French bronze sculpture “Distraite” signed Auguste Moreau

This elegant French bronze sculpture by Auguste Moreau depicts a young woman with a dreamy face.  It is clear she is lost in her own thoughts. And she is holding a book with a rose, suggesting she is in love. Also the two birds at her feet indicate that this girl is in love.

The design of this antique bronze sculpture is very elegant and has a well balanced composition. Also the bronze has a warm brown patina in very good condition, giving this antique sculpture an attractive look. It has an impressive size of 71 cm high and weighs 23 kg.

Auguste Louis Mathurin Moreau was a French sculptor, who was born on 22 February 1834 in Dijon and died 11 November 1917 in Malesherbes. He was the son of the sculptor and painter Jean Baptiste Moreau and the younger brother of the sculptors Hippolyte Moreau and Mathurin Moreau. So it was only natural that he also became an artist too. In 1861 he made his debut at the Salon, where he exhibited until 1913. His subjects were primarily genre scenes, pastorals and allegories. His style was realistic and graceful.


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