Unique French bronze sculpture “Allegory of Strength” signed Ferrand

Antique French bronze sculpture “Allegory of Strength” signed Ernest-Justin Ferrand

This beautiful French bronze sculpture, signed Ferrand, represents an allegory of strength. The sculpture is designed over a round stand with a surface with naturalistic wave motifs upon which a young man with loincloth and harpoon is seated on a pillar with his hair blowing in the wind. He turns to the left and is about to throw a two-pronged harpoon to kill a sea creature.  The sculpting is very realistic and true to life with a pleasing brown patina with subtle tonal variations which makes it truly come to life.

This work of Ferrand is also know with the title “Pêcheur au harpon”. It has a lively and attractive brown patina and is in excellent condition. The statue is signed on the base of the rock FERRAND.

Details of this French bronze sculpture signed Ferrand

France circa 1890.
Dimensions: 79 cm high, 27 cm wide and 22 cm deep. Diameter of the base: 22 cm.
Weight: 11.7 kg.

Ernest-Justin Ferrand (1846-1932)

Ferrand was a French sculptor who participated in the Salon from 1882. He is known for his representations of characters and allegories. “Le Repos de Diane”, “Rose perdue”, “Pêcheur au harpon”, “Jeune pêcheur”, “Le commerce”, “Vénus” and “Le Triomphe de l’Amour” are among the best known. Ferrand studied with Henri Louis Levasseur (1853-1934) and Mathurin Moreau (1822-1912).


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