Exquisite Empire library mantel clock

Empire library clock

Gilt bronze Empire library clock representing two children diligently studying in a library. Without any regard to time, both are sitting in front of a clock. Both children are wearing short chitons and are barefoot. The one at the left holds the book and follows the text with a finger. The other one on the right seems to read loud, which we can see by the gestures of the left hand.

The clock is part of a column with a bas-relief in the shape of a library. Further, this library has two wreaths on either side of an open book on top. The clock rests on an oval base decorated with a succession of garlands and set upon four finely decorated toupee feet. The refinement of the composition is achieved by variations of a uniform theme. For instance the rounded oval base repeats itself in the curved backs of the children, their rounded heads and limbs and the circle of the dial. This model is taller than the more common arch topped version of this style of library clock. Also it is more elegant.

The quality of the casting and finishing of this Empire library clock is of the highest quality and everything is in a very good condition. A fine florally decorated gilt bronze bezel surrounds the white enamel dial with Breguet style hands. The movement is striking the hour and half hour on a bell by means of a count wheel. It has been professionally cleaned and checked by our clock maker.

This exquisite Empire mantel clock is in a very good working condition, and comes complete with pendulum, bell and key.

Dimensions: 43.5 cm high, 28 cm wide, 18 cm deep.
Weight: 8.1 kg.


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