Jean-Simon Bourdier

Jean-Simon Bourdier (1760-1839) was an esteemed Parisian clockmaker and Horloger-Mécanicien. Jean-Simon Bourdier became a maître horloger in Paris on 22 September 1787 establishing himself at Quai de l’Horloge until about 1806 when he moved to Rue Mazarine. Bourdier became known for the perfection of his movements which were housed in the finest and most elaborate cases suitable to furnish a number of royal palaces. In the early 19th century, he worked with the clockmaker Godon, the designer Dugourc and the sculptor Pierre Julien, producing several remarkable pieces destined for the Spanish king Charles IV. In parallel, he worked with the most influential merchants of the time, and particularly Daguerre and Julliot, carefully choosing the artisans who collaborated with him in the production of fine clocks. Among them the ebenistes Lieutaud and Riesener as well as the bronziers Galle, Thomire and Rémond, the cabinetmaker Schwerdfeger and the enamelers Dubuisson and Coteau. His clocks were also sold by the dealers Daguerre, Lignereux and Juilliot.

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