Rare allegorical Empire mantel clock “Love moving the Heavens”

Allegorical Empire clock “Love moving the Heavens”

Allegorical Empire mantel clock in chased, gilded and partly blue lacquered bronze depicting Love moving the Heavens.  This clock shows an allegory of the power of love and honesty which can overcome war or any bad things that might happen. On the left we see a young Eros (symbolising love) pushing the celestial sphere in an attempt to move the heavens. The blue lacquered celestial sphere, which houses the clockwork, is adorned with gilt bronze stars. Also it has ornaments in the shape of signs of the zodiac: libra and cancer. On the right we see a jester (or joker) who can be seen as a symbol of common sense or honesty and also of the power to triumph over obstacles or death.

The front of the base shows us Athena, here in her military dress as the goddess of warfare. She is chained to her wrist, making her powerless. Ont the sides of the base we see crossed torches and arrows, the typical symbols of Eros. Also the four middle legs have the shape of a quiver of arrows, further symbol of Eros. Between them we see a flower pot from which grows a vine with grapes, symbolizing prosperity. On both extreme ends the base is supported by claw feet.

Details Of This Empire Clock “Love moving the Heavens”

The clockwork has a white enameled dial carrying the signature “Maitrejean in Dijon” with finely worked gilt bronze hands. The eight-days going movement has a wire suspension pendulum. It has a twin-barrel movement with count wheel strike on a bell. It strikes the hour and half hour on it’s bell. The clock is in a excellent and perfect working condition. Also, it has recently been cleaned and serviced by a professional clock maker. The clock comes complete with its pendulum, key and bell.


33 cm high, 35 cm wide and 13.5 cm deep.
Weight: 6.4 kg.


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