Superior pair of late 18th century Directory period candelabra “Aux pavots”

Pair of late 18th century Directory period candelabra “Aux pavots”

These exceptional mercury-gilded and patinated bronze candelabra “Aux pavots” from the Directory era exemplify superb craftsmanship. Notably, an identical pair is housed at the Palais de l’Élysée in Paris. Each finely wrought candelabrum features patinated bronze figures portraying a classically draped man and woman supporting amphorae. Delicate branches with foliage and poppy flowers emerge from the amphorae, creating arms of light adorned with floral nozzles and gadrooned drip-pans. The male and female figures are elegantly posed atop a cylindrical base decorated with stylized and draped Etruscan masks and palmette friezes, all resting on a square base.

Our French Directory period candelabra are exceptionally well-preserved, maintaining their original mercury gilding.

Details of this pair of late 18th century Directory candelabra

Origin: France, circa 1795-1800.
Dimensions: 52 cm high, 23 cm wide and 11 cm deep. Size of the square base: 11 x 11 cm.
Weight: 6,1 kg (for the pair).


  • E. Dumonthier, “Les Bronzes du Mobilier National: Bronzes d’Éclairage et de Chauffage”, Paris, 1911, pl. 30, figs. 6, 6 bis.

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