Regal pair of French Empire candlesticks with guilloche motifs


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Pair of gilt bronze French Empire candlesticks with guilloche motifs

A pair of gilt bronze French Empire candlesticks presenting an impressive display, characterized by its unique design and diverse decorative motifs. The circular base features multiple concentric rings adorned with leaf patterns, accompanied by a contrasting glossy gilded groove. Within these rings, the central portion of the base showcases a motif of palm leaves encircling a ring of pearls. Emerging from this base is a tapering stem adorned with alternating guilloche patterns and burnished rings. As the stem ascends, it culminates in a capital of exquisite and rare design, providing a platform upon which the vase-shaped candle holder rests, embellished with an interlacing frieze.

These candlesticks, distinguished by their alluring and intricate decorative elements, as well as their juxtaposition of matte and glossy mercury gilding, are exceptionally well-preserved.

Details of this pair of French Empire candlesticks

Origin: France, Empire period circa 1815.
Dimensions: Height of 27.5 cm high, base diameter of 13 cm.
Weight: 1.5 kg (for the pair).


  • H. Ottomeyer, P. Proschel et al., ” Vergoldete Bronzen – Die Bronzearbeiten des Spätbarock und Klassizismus“, Munich, 1986, Vol. I, p.327 fig. 5.2.1, featuring a comparable model.
  • Christie’s London, April 2006 where a comparable model appeared in auction.

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