Sublime pair of French Empire candlesticks with Zephyr masks

Rare large pair of French Empire candlesticks with Zephyr masks

This exceptional pair of French gilt bronze Empire period candlesticks showcases the finest artistry, adorned with intricately chiseled Zephyr masks. Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, heralds the arrival of spring, symbolizing gentle breezes and fertile renewal. The Zephyr mask is a decorative element frequently employed by the preeminent bronzier of the Empire period, Pierre-Philippe Thomire. These candlesticks embody the essence of spring with their lavish ornamentation of flowers and fruits.

Each candlestick features a fluted stem rising from a circular base, meticulously decorated with leaves, flowers, and berries arranged in concentric circles. The stem, adorned with Zephyr masks and several bands of floral patterns, transitions gracefully into a flared capital embellished with clusters of grapes.

The craftsmanship of this pair reflects the exceptional skill of a master bronzier. Executed in mercury gilded bronze, they display a striking contrast between matte and lustrous gilding, preserving their original splendour.

This pair remains impeccably preserved, retaining their original mercury gilding, a testament to the artistry and quality of the French Empire period.

Details of this pair of French Empire candlesticks

Origin: Paris, circa 1810-1815.
Dimensions: Height 29 cm, Diameter 13 cm.
Weight: 1.6 kg (for the pair).

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