Large pair of French Empire candlesticks attributed to Louis-Isidore Choiselat

Pair of French Empire candlesticks attributed to Louis-Isidore Choiselat (1784-1853)

Discover this exquisite pair of gilt and patinated bronze French Empire candlesticks, attributed to Parisian bronzier Louis-Isidore Choiselat, also known as Choiselat-Gallien. Similar designs can be found in the collection of the Mobilier National, further affirming their prestigious origin.

These candlesticks feature a fluted stem atop a circular base adorned with finely chiseled leaf decorations, including shell motifs and water leaves. The shaft transitions elegantly into a flared capital embellished with palmettes and detailed chiseling forming a bobèche. The craftsmanship reflects the exceptional skill of Choiselat, a renowned bronzier of the era.

Crafted in gilt and patinated bronze, this pair is impeccably preserved, showcasing original matte and lustrous mercury gilding. Explore the elegance and artistry of French Empire design with these remarkable candlesticks.

Details of this pair of French Empire candlesticks

Origin: Paris circa 1815.
Dimensions: 30 cm high, diameter 14 cm.
Weight: 2.0 kg (for the pair).

Louis-Isidore Choiselat (1784-1853)

Louis-Isidore Choiselat (1784-1853), also known as Choiselat-Gallien, was a prominent Parisian goldsmith, bronzier, founder, chaser, and gilder. He emerged as one of the foremost bronze manufacturers in Paris during his time. Born to a Parisian salt merchant, Choiselat apprenticed under the bronzier Jean-Baptiste Matthieu Gallien. In 1812, he married Gallien’s daughter, Ambroisine Marie (1794-1861), and subsequently took over his father-in-law’s business at 93 rue de Verrerie in Paris, continuing and expanding upon its legacy.


  • Collection of the Mobilier National inv. number GML-331-002.

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