Mythological Empire mantel clock “Eros and Music”

Mythological Empire mantel clock “Eros and Music”

This French gilt bronze mythological Empire mantel  clock “Eros and Music” shows us the young winged god Eros. He is god of love and desire and he is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war. The statue of Eros is the main focus of this mythological Empire clock. It has nicely chiseled details and looks very elegant. Eros’ big wings cover part of the back of the clockwork case. His clothes are in an typical classical style. Of course he is holding the bow which he uses to make people fall in love. Top of the clockwork case we see the quiver with arrows, a big golden arrow and a torch with a flame. All of these are typical symbols of Eros. The arrows he shoots to make people fall in love and the fire that warms and ignites the heart.

On the left side we see a big lyre, a musical instrument also associated with Eros, and symbol of music. Because music is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire. Also this theme of music repeats itself with three smaller lyres with ribbons on the front of the rectangular base of this clock.  Behind the big lyre is an emblem and on top of it are two love birds.

The bezel surrounding the white enameled dial has a decoration of palm leaves and the clockwork is signed François Gely à Beziers.

This mythological Empire clock “Eros and Music” has been professionally cleaned. The clockwork is in a working condition and comes complete with pendulum, key and bell.

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