Hippolyte François Moreau

Hippolyte François Moreau (Dijon, 1832 – Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1927) was a classically trained French sculptor. The second son of world-famous sculptor Jean-Baptiste Moreau,  he initially worked under his father before moving to Paris to work and study under the direction of François Jouffroy. Hippolyte Moreau exhibited his first work at the Salon in 1859 and from that moment he regularly exhibited his work at the Salon of French Artists.  He also won awards for his sculptures at Paris’ Universal Exposition in both 1878 and 1900.

Hippolyte Moreau was well-known for his sculpture of the famous mathematician Alexis Claude Clairaut on one of the facades of the Paris City Hall, rue de Lobau. The best of his work includes full figures of children and young women, mostly allegorical.

Many of his sculptures can be found throughout France, including in the City Hall of Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon.

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