Etienne Martincourt

Etienne Martincourt (1735-1791) worked on the Right Bank of Paris, north of the Louvre, in a quarter that had been home to many bronze workers since the Middle Ages. After becoming a master in 1762, he was admitted to the Académie de Saint-Luc, a guild of decorative painters and sculptors. Membership in the guild of bronze casters and the Académie allowed Martincourt to design as well as to produce objects in gilt bronze. Examples by Etienne Martincourt (active 1763-1791) can be seen in the Wallace Collection, the Huntington Collection, the British Museum and the Getty Museum. The athénienne shape of this model is really connected with the production of Etienne Martincourt. His most famous model shares this shape and is kept at the Wallace Collection in London.

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